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Operation FLOAT

12665 NW 8th Ave

North Miami, FL 33168

ATTENTION ALL SUPERHEROES AND VILLAINS! It’s time to get ready for our most important mission to date: Building our very first Gay Pride Parade Float!

The workshop will consist of two different components over the two day weekend.
-Mission 1 will be led by David Quiñones in making all of the cool POW! WHAM! BOOM! And other sound effect signs for our epic super-sized battle down Ocean Drive.
-Mission 2 is with our Executive Director Erin Atwood as he leads the way to constructing the float set to look like our very own villain containment prison unit. And our very own William Harris and Moises Crespo leading the creative process!

We need you now more than ever! We need each and every one of you to help us get parade ready. If you are free and want to contribute, please RSVP here and send an email to if you would like to help... all our welcome!

We’ve raised $461 to date during our Project PRIDE campaign! But let’s not stop there! Only $339 left to reach our goal of $800 in raising money for Gay Pride. Will you stand up superheroes and villains and contribute $10 to help us exceed our goal and accomplish our mission to have the best Pride ever? Go to the link and click on the big pink button today!