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1st Annual Hungry Games Paintball Tournament

  • Extreme Rage Paintball Park 6401 Sheridan St Hollywood, FL 33024 United States (map)
Hungry Games.jpg


After a long hiatus, the odds are now ever in our favor as one of our classic outdoor events comes back for a triumphant return!

“In what was once a unified South Florida, the Capital of GVSC maintains its social hold on its 13 districts by forcing them to each select 2 men, called Tributes, to compete in a locally spectated Paintball Tournament event called the Hungry Games. Every member must watch as the friends fight to the paintball death until only 1 person remains.”

The 1st Annual Hungry Games Paintball Tournament will commence on the 9th month of the 2018th year. The game will feature up to 26 Tributes (people) in various Districts (teams) of 2, fighting it out on the paintball field, working together to protect each other until only 1 player remains still standing and announced the winning Victor of the 1st Annual Hungry Games! We will also be playing afterwards Capture the Flag and Hostile Takeover paintball rounds.

Admission is $35 for Members and Guests, $30 for Donating Members with special promo code. Up to 26 spots are available which include: entrance, paintball gun, mask, unlimited air, and 500 paintballs per player in a designated private area with dedicated referee. If you just want to watch the game but don’t want to play, it’ll be $15 admission paid at the park.

Earlier Event: September 22
Later Event: October 6
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