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Member Invitational Events

MIX-N-MINGLE is back! GVSC's Original Favorite Monthly Socials are now our new monthly INVITATIONAL events exclusively for ALL GVSC Members and their guests. Receive an RSVP email invitation to each of our Mix-N-Mingles, including: Happy Hours, Brunches, & Dinners. And as an EXTRA PERK, S and C Members will receive a Complimentary WELCOME Drink as well as Complimentary Invites to our specialty-themed quarterly Mix-N-Mingle Parties!


Member Guest List

Want to be in the KNOW about all our upcoming Monthly Happy Hours, Brunches, and Dinners as well as our Quarterly Parties*? Want to get all the EXCLUSIVE details? Just RSVP to our Member Guest List to start receiving your invitations today... EVERYONE is INVITED!


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* Quarterly Invitational Mix-N-Mingle Parties are FREE for V Members (1/Year) and S & C Members (4/Year)! G Members and Guests is $20 admission with ALL proceeds going towards the Gay Vista Social Club and our GVSC Philanthropy Program: the Gay Vista Scholarship Club and the Gay Vista Social House. Admission price includes specialty open bar, complimentary food, and themed entertainment all night!