GIVING BACK has it's rewards...and your CONTRIBUTIONS will help out our LGBTQ community. Our $25 S and $100 C Members not only have the opportunity to support GVSC, but also help others in not one, but two meaningful ways! Gay Vista Social Club raised $2000 in total last year for our SCHOLARSHIP and SUSTAINABLE HOUSING programs that help those of our community out no matter at what age!



GVSC Joins Forces with UNITY COALITION|COALICIÓN UNIDA to offer LGBTQ Scholarships for Socially Engaged Millennials!



With the common goals of Leadership & Empowering the LGBT community, Gay Vista Social Club is proud to work with Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida (UC|CU) , providing Scholarship Funding specifically associated with their PRIDE U 2020 Initiative, a three-year Community Initiative Program & Social Challenge, to better Engage, Inform & Inspire millennials to take on leadership roles in the LGBT community to better serve, & effect positive change for those disenfranchised and under-served.

Taking Community Resources, Mentors & Social Discussions to College Campuses, Helping to create and expand Pride Clubs across Dade & Broward, Social Settings & wherever the need is – Informing, Engaging & Inspiring LGBT millennials to Lead in creating a New Rainbow of Activism, Social Change & Leadership.

GVSC, though UC|CU’s PRIDE U 2020 Initiative, will fund multiple scholarships (up to $500 each), to South Florida millennials who are socially engaged in their school’s campus life as well as an active leaders and/or volunteers in the LGBTQ community.


GVSC Comes Together with LAMBDA LIVING PROGRAM FOR LGBT SENIORS to Raise Funds for Housing and Social Programming!

lambda living long.jpg

As a non-profit organization, Gay Vista Social Club expressed how it wanted to to help Build Friendships Throughout South Florida for people of all ages, and now will help make that possible through Lambda Living Program for LGBT Seniors, that offers programming, counseling and assistance for the LGBT community 55 and older.

LGBT seniors find themselves confronting the traditional challenges of aging, while at the same time encountering issues particular to the LGBT community. Lacking traditional sources of support and caregiving, a greater likelihood of living alone, higher rates of poverty, and pronounced cultural and social isolation are just some of the realities of the LGBT Elder community.

GVSC, through Lambda Living House, will designate donations to help provide subsidized housing to senior residents in addition to programming that will allow LGBT elders the opportunity to gather, make friendships, support each other, and learn together. 


PHILANTHROPY=COMMUNITY and it all connects back to CONTRIBUTION! We are so thankful for our C Contributing Members who have supported us in becoming a national non-profit organization, developing our first ever Membership program, and allowing us to be able to raise funds to go into our LGBTQ Community. We are thrilled to RECOGNIZE and ACCREDIT those Members who make this all possible!


James Rodgers

Realtor of SkyMarc Properties, LLC

Originally from Upstate New York, I've called South Florida my home since 2011. I bring over 23 years of successful business development, Multi-Million-Dollar contract negotiation, and general sales aptitude to the South Florida Real Estate Market. I understand all sides of the customer experience. I have personally bought and sold houses, condos, and time shares. I've been a property renter, and I've been a landlord. I understand the processes and the challenges that buyers, sellers, renters, and landlords all feel. And I am committed to making the process an enjoyable one for all involved.

I'm committed to raising the bar on communications, and commit to returning all correspondence within 3 business hours, unless your are advised differently in advance. If you call me, you'll hear back from me THAT DAY. If your experience with other professionals has been something less, please give me a try- you'll be glad you did!


James Rodgers, Realtor


GIVING a dollar or giving a hand… no matter how you choose to help out your Building Friendships Club, everything COUNTS!

If you would like to become a DONOR and make a one time contribution to help support both the Gay Vista Social Club and these amazing causes, please click on the big pink button below… and thank you for your support!

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